About Me


As a person whose speciality is wellness and spa, During lockdown in March 2020 I decided to try something I couldn't before due to being lack of time. Making soy candles and candle holders became my passion that kept me mentally strong during hard times since hospitality industry is horribly damaged due to Covid-19.

I wanted to make soy candles because as a candle lover, I wanted to make it as eco friendly as possible and sustainable while using the finest clean fragrance oils only.

With encouragement of my husband and my family I decided to open my small side business and let my creations go out of my small kitchen finally.

Now I feel free! I can play around, create new pieces. There is no limit of creativity that makes it fun for me. 

Handmade in Small Batches

Each and every piece in my store is handmade by me: from production to packaging made in Argenteuil, Paris.

The thing makes it more special for me is every process carry weeks of research and testing. One little candle that contains joy, hardwork, and hopes in it.

In order to maintain quality, I make in small batches.