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Glacier (Hawaiian Lava Salt)

Glacier (Hawaiian Lava Salt)

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Hawaiian Lava Salt with Eucalyptus, Lavender & Vetiver

Experience an exhilarating spa-like atmosphere with the GLACIER △ Salt Soap Bar. Enjoy a gentle scrub with its mineral-rich salts, soak in its nourishing oils, feel the luxurious lather on your skin and be enchanted by its incredible aroma. Indulge yourself and unleash your tension - all in the comfort of your home!

  • Scented with pure essential oils
  • Packed with mineral-rich salts
  • Formulated with skin-nourishing oils and butters
  • Enriched with Avocado and Grapeseed oils
  • Coloured with Activated Charcoal
" The lather is sublime, so soft and creamy and the scent just so grounding."
  • 100% Natural
  • Handmade in small batches
  • Cold-process
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Palm oil free


Eucalyptus oil has a penetrating fresh scent and has deeply purifying & antibacterial properties, which may result in a healthy and radiant complexion.
Lavender oil has a fresh floral aroma that is classed as a top-middle note. It is commonly used in aromatherapy due to its calming and relaxing properties. It can help reduce stress and anxiety, as well as promote better sleep. When applied to the skin, it can help reduce inflammation and improve the appearance of scars and blemishes.
Vetiver oil has a deeply grounding aroma with calming and soothing effects. The Vetiver root oil is also known for its natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. 


Avocado Oil is deeply nourishing to the skin and may help with dryness and irritation thanks to its rich antioxidant and high vitamin content.
Grapeseed oil is rich in Omega 6 as well as is packed with antioxidants such as Vitamin A, C and E. It helps restore elasticity and protect the skin from environmental damage.
Sea Salt
 is rich in essential minerals that soften, restore and revitalise skin.
Black Lava Salt rejuvenates and detoxifies the skin thanks to the charcoal and natural mineral content within the salts. 
Activated Charcoal is known as the most powerful skin detoxifier that balances excess oil production.
British White Clay has gentle exfoliating balancing properties for the skin. It’s mild enough to be used on sensitive skin.
Shea Butter is a rich and nourishing natural moisturiser that reduces the appearance of fine lines and leaves the skin silky smooth.



Saponified Coconut Oil, Saponified Olive Oil, Saponified Sunflower Oil, Glycerin, Saponified Shea Butter, Saponified Sweet Almond Oil, Saponified Castor Oil, Water, Sea Salt, Black Lava Salt, Eucalyptus Oil, Citric Acid, Lavender Oil, British White Clay, Avocado Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Charcoal Powder, Vetiver Root Oil.
Naturally occurring in essential oils: Limonene, Linalool.

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